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How to use the Document Library

You must have an active account to preview and download documents from the library.

Click on the Library you would like to access


If you have registered for the Documents Library, you automatically also have access to the Discussion Forum.

Register. Unregistered guests can see the titles of the documents available, but cannot download or upload documents or files. If you are not yet registered, you must sign up for a free account before you can upload. Click on the Register / Apply link and fill out your e-mail address and name.  You will be conditionally registered until Sense of Community approves your account.

Once approved you can upload and download documents from the library.

When you enter the SOC Library, you have three choices: keyword searchbrowse documents, and upload files.

Keyword search allows you to enter specific words or phrases on which to search through the site’s documents. You can search all of your words, any of your words, or the exact phrase. When you have performed a search, the website will display a list of all search results, each of which will be clickable to the document you found.

Browse Documents is how you will navigate through the site’s categories and subcategories to find the documents or files you wish to find. In this section, you will see a list of all of the existing document categories and subcategories along with the number of documents in each. Click on a category or subcategory to see a list of documents. Then click on the document to view it.

How to use this site

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