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Sense of is an international meeting place for people with a scientific or professional interest in the study or application of a sense of community. Our goal is to bring together the myriad of international scholars and practitioners to advance the work on sense of community that has been gaining interest and development over the past 50 years, if not longer.
There are many levels one can experience a sense of community (e.g. family, neighborhood, city, nation, or even globally). Research has shown that a sense of community can be experienced without sharing a specific place as well (e.g. ethnic, religious, virtual communities). A sense of community is one of those basic essential human experiences, a perception of one's connection with others, that we need for our well being. While many lament the loss of this sense of community, it is actually alive and well throughout the world. We hope to bring people together through this web site in order to better understand how to develop a sense of community and address its challenges so we can bring about healthy, just, and equitable societies.

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